Friday, July 15, 2005

Summer On Hold

Tony Blair inhabits a dangerous world. According to the British prime minister's trusted advisers, the planet is heating up fast. Temperatures in the northern hemisphere are rising more rapidly than at any time in the last thousand years. Hundreds of millions of people are at increased risk from flooding as sea levels rise. Changing weather patterns will exact a "heavy human and economic" cost. And mankind is, to "a greater or lesser extent," to blame.
George W. Bush is more fortunate. His world is much rosier. His advisers do not agree that global warming is underway and do not think that urgent action is called for, according to a leaked draft of the communique for the upcoming G8 summit. The Bushies went through the document and bracketed each point they took issue with. "Anything of any possible significance was between square brackets," says Tony Grayling, head of the sustainability program at the Institute for Public Policy Research, a London-based think tank. The White House hasn't commented.
Newsweek International July 11

So... What else is new?
Let's just talk about the weather and leave politics out. It is raining here infact . And it's July. You can say the weather is weird. It's should be summer by now. Good thing about summer is that it's two seasons away to winter.

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