Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life Doesn't Come With Instuctions

santamonica66763 : She's a good person
santamonica66763 : She deserves everything good
drum freak : But not every bad person deserves bad thing
santamonica66763 : Agree...

drum freak : Maybe for some,
drum freak : things doesn't come out like what the Cosmo said
drum freak : and it's okay to dump those magz,

drum freak : then look for another 'bible'
santamonica66763 : Hehehe... It's fun to read
santamonica66763 : Like to make Newsweek as my bible
santamonica66763 : but it lacks manual on handling life

November, 2004


Anonymous said...

...when can we have these conversation again? i kinda miss 'em :)

St.Catherine said...

You know where to find me :)