Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Good Friday.. I mean Good Sunday

Sunday was a fairly good day. Went to Grandma with my aunt. I was all smiling all the way. Maybe it was the weather. It was typical Sunday weather. Or maybe the songs I put on. Bryan McKnight can definitely make you feel like you're in love. Or maybe my new shirt. Or maybe just the thought of seeing my grandparents. Or maybe something else. I'm not sure but I was happy. It's good. I stayed at Grandma until it was the time for her to go to church.
My grandparents are just like what grandparents are. You know,.. whiny, grumpy, opinionated, whiny, stubborn, grumpy.. you name it. They are getting older and tend to act like a child. I guess it's just some kind of a cycle or a phase that they have to go through. But I've found no distress being around them for a long period of time. In fact, I lived with them for almost a year. I'd miss them dearly should I be away from them too long. They are loving, though. The type of grandparents who would do just about anything for us. And they give a generous amount of money for our birthdays hehe.
My grandma eyes are all sparkling when we take her to the mall. Just like a 7 years old. My grandpa loves to stay home and watch the news. He despise shopping mall. Grandma is neat and tidy. Grandpa is sloppy and happy-go-lucky. I guess opposite attracts..

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