Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bitter and Cynical?

lovely_ephy : I just watched 50 first dates
lovely_ephy : lucu jg ya
santamonica66763 : not so to me
lovely_ephy: why?
santamonica66763 : I expect more
lovely_ephy : tp endingnya jg bagus
santamonica66763 : like most movie...
santamonica66763 : thats how they end
lovely_ephy : u prefer unusual ends?
santamonica66763 : perhaps...
santamonica66763 : I mean...
santamonica66763 : life's not always working out the way we plan
santamonica66763 : and hollywood screenwriter ought to realize that
santamonica66763 : they literally selling dreams
lovely_ephy : nah itu kan yg laku skrg
santamonica66763 : yeah...
santamonica66763 : Capitalist.. lacking moral value
lovely_ephy : but it makes people keep dreaming and reach it
santamonica66763 : dreaming and daydreaming
santamonica66763 : are two very diffent things
lovely_ephy : we are talking about dreaming right? arent we?
santamonica66763 : we are
santamonica66763 : what is your dream?
santamonica66763 : what are they...
santamonica66763 : live happily ever after?
lovely_ephy : maybe
santamonica66763 : u're not even sure..
lovely_ephy : i really wish sometime life can be like fairytale
santamonica66763 : those hollywood movies
santamonica66763 : have really got into you
lovely_ephy : yup
lovely_ephy : i wish sometimes we can be that lucky baby
santamonica66763 : any effort?
lovely_ephy : nope....just wish that there's a cute nice prince coming to save me
lovely_ephy : heheheee
santamonica66763 : have you heard Tata Young new song?
santamonica66763 : No cinderella
lovely_ephy : nope
santamonica66763 : '..I dont wanna be like cinderella waiting in a dark and dusty cellar waiting for somebody to come and set me free I'd rather rescue myself..'
lovely_ephy : but at least she lives happily ever after
santamonica66763 : heheheh
santamonica66763 : but you should really have a sense of hero for your self
santamonica66763 : like you can rescue your self
lovely_ephy : good point

I have to admit, I enjoy what those Hollywood screenwriter have to offer. The movies served their purpose. So they're selling dreams. We buy them.

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