Tuesday, January 18, 2005

So What Is It?

If it's because of his/her eyes or his/her lips or his/her great body,
It's not love, it's LUST.
If it's because of his/her intelligence and practicality and insights about life,
It's not love, it's ADMIRATION.
If it's because he/she cries every time you try to leave,
It's not love, it's PITY.
If it's because he/she makes you forget to eat and sleep and study,
It's not love, it's INFATUATION.
If it's because he/she seems to be too weak to stand on his/her own,
It's not love, it's CONCERN.
If it's because he/she looks like your ex,
It's not love it's TRANSFERENCE.
If you can lay down your life for him/her,
It's not love, it's HEROISM.
Love is when you do not know why you seem to be attracted to a certain person love has its reason that reason cannot understand...

Hehehe. Puzzled? Join the club. This has made it all the more complicated, given that no definition has ever been accepted by my tangled and complex comprehension of 'the big word'. Or maybe you don't need to define it. Some people do last a lifetime without ever defining what love is. Or maybe it's not always the first on the list. Like.. people can get by without it. So what's the fuss?


saintmonica said...

yup. i think it doesn't need any definition at all hehehe.. but, we don't have to think that we really could get by without it either.. right?

St.Catherine said...
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St.Catherine said...

Absolutely, positively agree.. Guess I should make a correction to it. Maybe what I meant was that SOME PEOPLE do get by without it. They dont necessarily live life its fullest but they live.
You know sometimes I could be overly cynical about it. Perhaps a reflection of skepticism for when sometimes love can also be too overblown. I like it proportionally.

saintmonica said...

mmm...proportionally.., that's more 'healthy'.