Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Take The World And Give It Your Own Name!

I'm not too crazy about New Year. It's just a term referring the new period of the earth circulating the sun. Is it? A bit late, was gonna post this for the occasion, but anyway... It's from my fave movie, Wedding Planner. The scene, Mary was home from work, opened the door to her apartment, hang the keys on the hook, put her bag on the foyer desk,... not important. Singing this sort of pumping up the spirit. Like you can take the world and give it your own name.

In Good Time

We can make believe/That everything makes sense/And there's no need to worry now/Coz' you're not like all the rest.../Living with only your heart/A new day arrives & its only the start/Of Something already here/The sky's open up/And its perfectly clear.../It's all waiting for you/You can take the world/And give it your own name/It's all there waiting for you/No matter what you find/You will never be the same.../Smile for the picture man dear/Its another day, another dream, ANOTHER NEW YEAR/And who knows what you'll find/But it's all comin' round/All in good time.../When you're standing alone/Facing the darkness/I did know /I know your light will never fade away/You will always be the one to shine...In good time. Jessica Sheely

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