Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just To... Maybe To... Or to...

Just got back from Bandung with the grandparents and aunts. My back still hurts and I got a light headache. I need a 12-hour sleep to recharge. I wish I don't have to show up for work tomorrow --but then most probably my paycheck won't show up for me--

I was supposed to babysit for Syawal on Saturday. I had promised. But I went to BDG with the aunts and grandparents instead with the presumption that the baby was gonna come with us. But his mom decided to bring him to work with her. I felt bad. Not too much... I mean, I would always babysit for him anytime. This is probably the first time I 'left' him. Besides, I really thought he would come with us.

The two points above sums up my regular weekend. It's either the grandparents or babysitting for me. I have a pathetic social life :). If you count family get together as a social event then I definetely have a vibrant social life. I'm not complaining. My family is fun --seriously, you should meet my grandpa-- We crack up jokes all the time. And baby Syawal is too adorable not to babysit for. Just seemingly, come to think about it, that's all I do this past year. Well, I'd have a girls day out with Diva whenever opporrtunity allows --opportunity here means when her husband is out of town or has to work on weekend--. That doesn't come often either.

As for a time for me. I'd squeeze in a couple of hour to go sit in the library. They have an adjacent coffee shop now. But then it only gives me enough time to return books and checked out a couple more --never have finished an entire book at home even after an extended 3 weeks loan--.
I never seem to find time to spend a full day looking for a pair of shoes that is so me --I need a fullweek in that case ;)--. Afif also needs a new jacket. Or just to finish a Nicholas Spark in one sit. Or to have a slumber party at my place or one of the girls'. Ow... This is not an option geographically speaking :D A two-hour bubble bath coming home on Sunday, If I get home on Sunday, is all I look forward to. Put in movies, too. So... My weekend should be alright. But not too... 'social', if there is such term.

I seemed to have all the time in the world when I was in college. I didnt care much about time management back then. It's either sleep or out with the girls. And just when I know a little, there's not much time to manage. Is the clock ticking faster nowadays?


Anonymous said...

..i think you're not that pathetic.indeed, you've got plenty of quality time to spent (on u'r own..) even though sometimes it gets too 'regular' that you sick of it. try to do an 'adventurous' things.. or a little romance might works.. :)

St.Catherine said...

Hehehe... terrific idea!! I'll find some romance just for the weekend :)