Friday, September 02, 2005

Popped Up On My Mind And On My Cell

Just got off 'smsan' with Al. I dont talk to her much. Funny was, I thought about her and all the girls the whole day and really wanted to talk to them. She popped up on my cell. I got menstrual cramps which I dont usually get, a bit too much workload that I'm regularly used to, and to sum up my misery, an internal meeting until way pass my punch out time. Phheeeww.. What else do you need besides your best friends' chattering mouth and a bar of Hershey. Since both were unavailable, I had settled for a cup of tea. It's like when all else fail, there's always tea.

I know this is what you get when you choose making life elsewhere. I'm not complaining.. I'm sighing.. Ow well, Great weekend y'all..

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