Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Simple Life

'..Bill and I got married following our first-born/Daddy left this gas and convenience store just before he died/And I was only nineteen when I had my third baby/Sometimes I think maybe I should have left here long ago/Travelers are stopping by check their oil and their P.S.I./Gas up and away they fly moving down the line/But this beat up truck and worn out shoes/Always giving me the blues/Bill is sucking down the booze nearly every night/I've never seen the city lights how they must shine so bright/Not like this country night the sky's black as coal/And this gas station mountain home/Not a thing to call my own/I wish I was alone with a penny to my name/Strangers say this mountain here is beautiful beyond compare/But it's just a dumb old mountain there/I see it every day/If I could see a sunset skies over fields of grain or ocean tides/City skyline in the night I'll be dancing till the dawn/Maybe Bill and I someday will find a chance to get away/Until then it's here I'll stay wishing on a star..' Roger Henderson

Does this fit the description of simple life? Or is life never simple anyhow you live it... Hehehe. I think life is how you make it. It's all in the mind...

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