Friday, September 17, 2004


Here's another one of Ai.

In Japanese Ai means love.
Ai's full name is very Arabic on the contrary. My sister was taking Japanese language class when she met her husband. He was her instructor. She was into anything Japanese. Origami, Washi doll ( she makes them exquisitely ), comics, magazines,... She was scheduled to go to Japan at the time she was pregnant and her obstetrician did not approve her traveling such distance. She had a weak pregnancy.. And, she had fallen down the stairs twice. Maybe that's a good explanation of why Ai looks bedazzled and disoriented sometime. Hehe..
Anyway,.. I called him this morning and He talked to me, in his language ofcourse. He said 'a'o' means hello and many more 'birds' language. He has a fever, his growing a tooth. He fell off from the car two days ago.. under his Dad supervision. None of this would happen if a woman is in charge. We do the laundry, keep the house neat, prepare dinner, and men can't even watch his baby for five minutes. Sorry, no offense.
My sister sends me pictures of him and keeps me updated. I haven't seen him again since I moved to this town. That was two months and 15 days ago but who's counting.

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