Wednesday, September 15, 2004

How Do You Plan on Forever?

Over the weekend, I visited a cousin. They (she and her husband) just moved into a new place. A convenient right off the main street little place. I took out 'Wedding Planner' from their movie collection and put it on, twice. It has always been one of my favorite. They would perhaps think that I'm a hopeless romantic that has planned a grand wedding since I was 5. Like Monica from 'Friends', she keeps a wedding scrap book with complete detail of what fabric she would use for the decorations, what type of flower and the exact shade of color, the china, the location, the dress, and all. All the bits and pieces that would make a perfect wedding for her.
I don't make a wedding scrap book. I don't plan a wedding. The closest I'd get in planning a wedding is that 'Overjoyed' has to be in the song list. It's probably not even the right song for the occasion. Most likely in that case, I would plan a marriage. Tho' I don't know what bits and pieces would make a perfect marriage, should a marriage be perfect. But most definetely I'd prefer a perfect marriage over a perfect wedding.

'...I can plan my life, to the last detail. With a story book romance to fill my days. But the funny thing about answered prayer. Is they come to you in unexpected ways. How do I plan on forever?...' Marvin Warren

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