Friday, September 24, 2004


The thing is with how everything was set up in a 180 degree and
half way around the globe difference is that you don't ask a guy
to go get some coffee unless to get him thinking that you have
intention, not a casual one. What's the big deal with merely
wanting to have a good time and a company, and dive into a guy's mind while you're at it. Or that just doesn't happen anywhere? I was just wondering, casually. Have a fabulous weekend everybody!


ephy said...

well...sometimes, it's hard to understand a guy's mind
actually, it's not the way they think, but maybe the way we ask...or maybe either way....
but all I know, a guy will fly to the highest sky if a girl like you that ask.

St.Catherine said...

How casual is 'Let's go get some coffee'?