Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Good Deeds are Rewarding

Growing up I received presents from my parents for getting good grades at school. It's a fact universally known that parents are happy & proud when their kids do good in school. Rewards Motivate. I wonder if parents reward their kids for doing good to others. I want my kids to spare their allowance for the needy. I want my kids to, say, spare their time to play piano at the retirement house. I want my kids to help a fainting Robin back onto his nest. I want my kids to make soup for a cousin that catches cold. I want my kids to simply wash the dishes they find in the sink when visiting their aunt. I want my kids to be thoughtful and caring. They dont have to instantly be Mother Theresa but to make small deeds have great meanings to other. They probably need motivation before they can realize that good deeds are rewarding itself when done sincerely.

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